How to Distinguish Authentic Breitling Chronomat from the Fake Ones

As one of the most popular, expensive and luxurious watches in the world, many people aspire to buy authentic Breitling Chronomat. Due to its extreme popularity, it becomes very easy to find a fake Chronomat in the market. Sometimes, it is even sold with the price tag of the authentic one. To make sure you will not get tricked when you hunt for your favorite Chronomat, here are some tips to distinguish the authentic Chronomat from the fake ones.

Pay Attention to the Logo

The easiest way to tell if the Chronomat is fabricated or not is by paying attention to the logo on the 12 o’clock point. Familiarize yourself first with the original Breitling logo—the anchor between a set of wing. After that, take a look carefully whether the logo looks funny, too small or even too big. Don’t forget that ‘Breitling’ name will always be printed below the logo.

Pay Attention to the Movement of the Hands

Breitling’s watches are carefully crafted with the best technology and the highest precision. As a result, the movement of the hands will be very smooth. If you notice that the hands of the watch move roughly with staccato vibe, there is a very high chance that the watch is fake. Individual ticks of the hands happen because the mechanical part of the watch is less in quality and it is definitely not something you will get from a reputable model that is Breitling Chronomat.

Beware of Open Heart Design

Some people love open heart design because it looks more sophisticated. But you need to know that no Chronomat comes with open heart design. As a matter of fact, this design is not even common for Breitling. Up to this time, Breitling for Bentley Mulliner is the only open heart watch the Swiss watchmaker ever created. So, if you spot a Chronomat with open heart design, it is definitely a fake.

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