Athleisure, When a Not-So-Fashionable Clothing Goes High Fashion

Back in the days, person who wears gym attire all day is considered as the ruler of everything that’s not fashionable. Showing up outside the gym with sportswear is just a big no no and you can even get mocked because of that. But who would have thought that everything is changing now as athleisure hit the runway with all its glory.

In last year’s Milan Fashion Week, Versace brought this type of clothing to the runway and even supermodels like Naomi Campbell and Gigi Hadid walked in it. After that, other prominent designers and design houses like Boss, Alexander Wang, DKNY and even Dior followed suit and brought their own rendition of fashionable athletic wear to the runway.

Actually this is not really a new phenomenon. Some popular sports brand apparels like Adidas have launched fashionable sportswear line that not only can be worn at the gym but also for other casual activities. But bringing the clothing to the runway definitely will change the whole game. We definitely still remember the days when people who wear gym attire all the time are deemed don’t know how to dress or simply lazy. But now, it suddenly has become a high fashion item that rocked the runways.

Well, that’s just how fashion works. It changes overtime and apparently we are heading to the glory days of sports apparel. We’re not complaining, though, especially since it is very comfortable. And if there is a possibility to look pretty while being comfortable, of course we are going to take that chance.

If fashionable sports attire is the kind of clothing you’d love to wear, you are indeed very lucky. The now fashion item is the new trend for spring 2017 so you can easily purchase it anywhere, and you will also have lots of options to choose from.

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